The Price of Comfort and Style: Exploring Costs for Premium Smart Blinds

Electric Blinds Cost:

Today, automation has become an integral part of our lives, even extending to our homes providing us with the convenience and comfort we seek. Smart window treatments offer convenience, energy efficiency, and enhanced privacy, making them a desirable addition to any modern home. This article explores Smart Blinds at different budget levels and how they can be enjoyed without compromising on your budget.

When it comes to smart shades or blinds, one popular option is Lutron, a leading provider of smart home solutions. Lutron offers a range of shading solutions, including their premium line Lutron Palladiom Shades. These shades provide quiet and precise control of window treatments, allowing you to conveniently manage daylight while saving energy and enhancing your home’s decor. But how much do these motorised blinds cost? The price depends on several factors, including the brand and the size of the window.

For advanced Smart Blind with high-tech motors, premium fabrics, and advanced features, the price can vary, but a typical cost for a 2.5m wide x 1.35m drop in a medium priced fabric group is approximately £1200. It’s important to consider that the exact price of installing smart shades in your home depends on various factors. There are less expensive window coverings available, but the convenience and luxury you desire will determine the price. An average price range for a medium-priced fabric group is £1200.

Different options when selecting your shades:

When selecting the type of shade for your Smart Window treatments, you have several options to choose from. Each type offers unique features and benefits. Here are some of the options available:

  • Roller Shades: Lutron roller shades come in various fabrics, including sheer, dim-out, and blackout. Sheer fabrics maintain the view while diffusing UV rays. Dim-out fabrics provide privacy, while blackout fabrics eliminate all daylight.
  • Honeycomb Shades: These fashionable shades feature a cellular design with air pockets that trap heat, providing superior insulation.
  • Drapery Systems: Lutron drapes track systems electronically operate a variety of styles, including pinch pleat and ripplefold, adding elegance to any space.
  • Roman Shades: Roman shades provide sophistication to a room while managing daylight. Specify a Roman Shade fabrication kit for the quality and quiet movement that Lutron delivers.

The Most Common Problems Associated with Smart Blinds:

While electric blinds offer convenience and functionality, like any other electrical solution they can encounter problems over time. It’s essential to be aware of common issues and know how to troubleshoot them. Here are some potential solutions to common electric blind problems:

  • Non-responsive remote control: If your blinds are not responding to the remote control, check the batteries and replace them if necessary. Ensure that the blinds are correctly plugged in. If the problem persists, the remote control itself may be malfunctioning, and you may need to contact the manufacturer for a replacement or installation experts to come and provide further assistance.
  • Wiring connection issues: Inspect the wiring connections in your blinds to ensure that all wires are securely plugged in. Double-check that the wiring connections match the manufacturer’s instructions or diagrams.
  • Broken or malfunctioning motor: If your blinds are not moving despite proper remote control operation and wiring connections, the motor may be broken. There are several factors that can lead to a broken motor, including overuse, circuitry malfunctions, and others. When it comes to motor replacement, you have two options: DIY or professional assistance. If you choose to DIY, consult the blinds manufacturer’s service manual for detailed instructions. Alternatively, a professional blinds technician or team like us at EAV can replace the motor for you, ensuring a higher quality job and reducing the risk of future problems.
  • Broken or loose slats: Although less common in motor-powered blinds, broken or loose slats can still occur, especially in Venetian or vertical blinds. To replace broken slats, unclip the damaged slats and purchase new, identical ones. Clip the new slats into place to restore the blinds’ functionality.

Remember to exercise caution when dealing with electrical components. If you encounter any electrical or safety concerns, it’s recommended to seek professional assistance to mitigate risks and ensure proper repairs. We can diagnose and fix problems safely, reducing the likelihood of accidents or further damage! When purchasing a new motor, consult the manufacturer to ensure compatibility with your specific blinds.

The Brands We Work With and Recommend:

When it comes to Smart Blinds, it’s essential to compare different options to make an informed decision to best suit your lifestyle and home. Three currently popular choices in the market are Lutron Palladiom Shades, Lutron Serena Shades and Lutron Sivoia System. Let’s explore the features and differences of these options:

Lutron Palladiom Shades: The Palladiom Shading System by Lutron redefines daylight control. Available as wired or wire-free, battery-operated systems, these shades offer an elegant design without the need for fascias, pockets, or recesses. With groundbreaking technology and whisper-quiet performance, Palladiom shades are designed for the most sophisticated homes. Aluminium brackets are meticulously hand-finished and available in a variety of finishes to seamlessly blend into any architectural style. The Palladiom roller shade features Lutron’s Intelligent Hembar Alignment system, ensuring all connected shades stay synchronised and aligned within one-eighth of an inch. This system sits above Lutron Serena and Caseta smart shade systems, offering higher-grade finishes, materials, and styles while retaining compatibility with existing Lutron home lighting systems.

Lutron Serena Shades: Lutron Serena Shades are known for their luxurious feel and customisable options. They offer roller shades, wood blinds, and honeycomb shades to suit different preferences. Roller shades are popular, especially for full blackout options. Serena Shades can be powered by batteries or wired, depending on your needs. Installation is less time-consuming, and the shades operate quietly, taking about 15 seconds to fully open or close. The Lutron app allows for scheduling and automation, providing convenience and energy managment. Serena Shades integrate with popular smart home ecosystems like Lutron Caseta, HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa. While they offer a luxurious and customisable solution, it’s imperative to consider their high price compared to other options.

Lutron Sivoia System: Another notable Lutron option is the Sivoia Motorised Shade System. This system stands out for its truly wireless operation, eliminating the need for power supplies or control wires. Installation is more straightforward, with mounting brackets that can be easily attached and the shades snapped into place. The Sivoia shades use standard alkaline or lithium batteries and have a longer battery life compared to many other shades. Lutron ensures that all shades move in sync, minimising variations in the bottom bar position. The shades produce low noise levels, making them a quiet and unobtrusive option. The Sivoia Wireless QS shades are cost-effective, offering affordability despite including professional design, programming, and installation labour.

Trusted Lutron Reviews:

We would like to highlight Lutron shades, due to their exceptional quietness, as one of the best options available on the market. Users have expressed satisfaction with the minimal noise produced during shade operation, allowing for a peaceful and undisturbed ambiance. Additionally, Lutron shades have been described as a “perfect product” for individuals seeking motorised window coverings. The combination of their smooth operation and advanced features makes them an ideal choice for those looking to enhance their home automation experience.

Premium quality Smart Blinds:

Lutron shades stand out as the epitome of modern window treatments. Renowned for their superior quality, these shades are considered the top choice for luxury homes. The impeccable craftsmanship and premium fabrics used in Lutron shades exemplify their commitment to creating a sophisticated and stylish aesthetic. With their whisper-quiet operation, Lutron shades elevate the visual appeal of any space but also provide unparalleled comfort and convenience. Smart shades and blinds that extend, retract, or tilt automatically are indeed luxurious, but they are also incredibly useful. Lutron’s Serena Shades, in particular, are highly recommended for their flawless operation, compatibility with popular smart home platforms, and attractive design.

Smart Shades: What are They and Should You Consider Them For Your Home?

Smart Blinds, a modern alternative to traditional window blinds, are fully automated. They bring additional functionality and convenience to your home, making them a valuable addition. Here’s why motorised blinds are worth considering:

  • Enhanced safety for children and pets: Smart Blinds are cordless, eliminating the safety hazards associated with corded blinds. This feature ensures the safety of children and pets in your home.
  • Energy Efficiency: Motorised blinds contribute to energy efficiency in two ways. First, by controlling the amount of natural light that enters your home, you can reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day. Second, Smart Blinds can block heat from the sun in summer and keep cold air out in winter, improving insulation and reducing energy consumption.
  • Protection for Furniture and Décor: Direct sunlight can cause damage, fading, and discoloration to your furniture and décor. Motorised blinds allow you to program and control the amount of light entering your room, protecting your belongings from sun damage.
  • Enhanced Quality of Sleep: Light can be a disturbance when trying to sleep. Electric blinds, especially blackout blinds, ensure a dark and peaceful sleeping environment with superior light filtering properties.
  • Improved Home Aesthetics: A home equipped with motorised blinds adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. Smart home automation is a growing trend, and Smart Blinds can make your property more attractive to potential buyers.
  • Comfort and Convenience: With Smart Blinds, you can control your window coverings from the convenience of your smartphone or other smart devices.
  • Integration with Smart Home Systems: Smart Blinds can be integrated with other smart home systems, such as automated lights and thermostats. This integration allows for seamless control and improved household efficiency.
  • Effective Privacy Solution: Smart Blinds offer quick and easy adjustment for maintaining privacy, making them ideal for rooms like bathrooms and bedrooms.
  • Multiple Control Options: You can operate motorised blinds through various control methods, including wireless switches, remote controls, or smartphone apps. There are several control options available, so you can choose the one that best suits your preferences.

How to Install Lutron Blinds:

Installing Lutron Palladiom shades is a relatively complex process that involves several steps and procedures. To begin, assemble the wiring harness and insert it into the drive bracket, ensuring it is securely tucked inside. Attach the male terminal block to the opposite end of the harness, connecting the conductors according to the provided assembly diagram. Next, connect the power supply cable to the female terminal block, following the colour codes and diagram instructions. Tuck any excess cable and connectors neatly into the wire housing.

Mount the shade brackets in the designated locations, ensuring they are level for proper operation. Open the finishing rings and place them over the brackets. Hang the shade on the idler end first, then the opposite end. Follow these steps meticulously to successfully install Lutron Palladiom shades and enjoy their premium functionality and elegant design.

Remember to consult the specialist installation team such as EAV to further help you with your particular model of Palladiom shades to ensure accurate installation.

In Conclusion

Smart window treatments, such as motorised blinds and shades, offer convenience, energy efficiency, and enhanced privacy. While cost is a factor to consider, there are affordable solutions available, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of automation without compromising your budget. Lutron shades, including the Palladiom and Serena shades, are popular options known for their exceptional quality, quiet operation, and compatibility with smart home systems. Having a good understanding of common issues with Smart Blinds as well as troubleshooting steps can guide you in ensuring that your smart window treatments are operating smoothly. Make an informed decision by comparing different options, such as the Lutron Palladiom and Serena shades, to find the best fit for your needs. With Smart Blinds, you can elevate the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your home while enjoying the convenience and comfort of automation.




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